Our Response to COVID-19

Learn About the Steps and Precautions Our Team Is Taking To Ensure the Safety of Our Valued Customers and Crew Members.

Daniel Asbury

A special message from Daniel Smith, Asbury Electric owner, regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Asbury Electric is all about keeping your home safe. We were doing that years before anyone had heard of the coronavirus, and we will be doing it once the coronavirus threat has ended. Here are steps we are taking to limit exposure to the virus for you, your family, our team, and their families. 

  1. We have confirmed that none of our team members have traveled outside of the United States or to any of the current outbreak regions in the last several weeks.
  2. We are insisting that a team member with any symptoms of any respiratory illness or fever stay home and not return to work until cleared by a physician. 
  3. We are instructing all team members to wash hands multiple times each day and we are making that possible by placing soap and water in all service vehicles. 
  4. Before entering your home, each technician and apprentice will wash their hands with soap and water, spray their clothing down with disinfectant, wearing a new pair of disposable gloves, and new pair of disposable shoe covers.
  5. We are canceling service calls to homes where someone is quarantined, has any symptoms of a respiratory illness, or has a fever. 
  6. Each Technician is instructed not to shake hands or make any physical contact and to keep a distance of 6 feet from our customers. 
  7. Our Payment processes have been changed, although we do accept credit payment, we can no longer physically handle credit cards.

While I am 100 percent convinced our great nation will effectively deal with this virus, the prudent thing for all of us is to follow the advice of health officials. 

For the latest update about Coronavirus and additional information to keep your workplaces, homes, and schools safe, please visit the official CDC website.

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