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When it comes to your electrical system, your home’s safety depends upon the quality of your electrical services and on the skill and care of your electrician. Our licensed electricians at Asbury Electric have years of experience and can handle any problem that comes their way. Our transparent pricing and high-quality services mean that you will never have to search for another electrician for your Deltaville home again.

Electrical Repair in Deltaville

Electrical repairs are never a good candidate for DIY projects. If one of your outlets or light fixtures stops working or if you notice flickering lights, you should call our electricians right away. These signs may be an indication of something more problematic and should always be dealt with quickly to avoid fire or damage to your appliances. The cost to do a simple repair is much cheaper than the cost to replace an electrical panel that has become damaged from neglect.

Deltaville homes can sometimes experience heavy rainstorms and flooding. If you have had any problems in your home with flooding or leaking, it is important to have your electrical system inspected. The combination of water and electricity is always a recipe for disaster, so we are here to set your mind at ease.

Electrical Installations and Upgrades

As you add more conveniences to your home, you will also want to consider upgrading your electrical panel. Even the addition of a brand new appliance can be enough to push your panel past its limits. We offer circuit breaker installation that goes above and beyond. We will take as much time as you need to answer questions and help you choose the right panel for your home. When you need to replace an electric panel, it is common for us to do a home electrical inspection so that we can recommend the perfect solution.

Many older homes in the Deltaville area were built with a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker. If your home still has its original fuse box, it may be time for a fuse box replacement. A circuit breaker is a much safer and convenient option for many homes making the upgrade well worth the expense.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Electrical problems can happen at any time during the day or night. A 24-hour electrician is available at all times so that you always know where to turn in an emergency. If you have never had your electrical system inspected, your electrical panel wiring may be faulty and can cause smoke, sparks, or even fire.

If an electrical fire breaks out, never use water to put out the flames. If necessary, a fire extinguisher can be used before you call 911. If you are sure that everyone in your home is safe, call an emergency electrician. We will come to your home fast and we won’t leave until your electrical system is safe.

If your lights flicker on occasion, this is not necessarily a cause for emergency electrical services. However, if your electric panel has stopped working, there are signs of smoke or sparks, or an essential appliance has stopped working, give us a call and we will be there to help.

Generator Installation and Repair

Power outages can be a minor convenience for some and a major safety hazard for others. Medical devices, refrigerators, and many other essential appliances require electricity in order to continue running. If you have been searching for a generator for sale, you should always purchase one through a reputable company. At Asbury Electric, we are your source for high-quality generator sales, service, and installation. Our services don’t stop after your installation. We take care of generator repair as well as yearly maintenance. We are your Generac authorized Sales and Service dealer.

Having your whole home generator inspected often is extremely important. Inspections will include a power outage simulation, testing procedures, and routine cleaning and service. We will change the oil, filter, and spark plugs as necessary and then test the unit one more time. Once we are done, you can be confident that your generator will be ready to use the instant the power goes out.

If you are in the Deltaville area and you have just found our services, we are excited to welcome you to the Asbury Electric family. We always maintain high standards for our customer service and the work that we do, so you can always be confident in our products and services. If you need an electrical repair, an electrical upgrade, or you are starting a remodel project, call our friendly team today.

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