Full Service Electrical Repairs

One call to Asbury Electric is all that is needed to solve all of your electrical repairs. We are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we serve the Gloucester, Hampton Roads, Williamsburg, and Northern neck areas.

Even a simple problem could turn out to be dangerous. Therefore whatever kind of electrical problem you are having, don’t wait to call. Our skilled, licensed, and very experienced electricians will quickly diagnose the source of the electrical issue and work fast to permanently fix it, always keeping safety in mind.

Hot or sparking outlets, faulty connections, and shorts are nothing to fool around with. It could be that the source of your problem is right at the outlet. We’ll be in-and-out in less than an hour, and you’ll rest easy at night knowing your home and your family are safe. Or, it may turn out that your electrical problem is much more serious. If that’s the case, we’ll diagnose it, give you a fair estimate for fixing it, and move as quickly as possible to make high-quality repairs.

Our concern is always for your safety. We all need electricity, but we often forget the danger it can present when something goes wrong. Give us a call if you are worried about anything having to do with your electrical system. You can trust our team of professionals to make any repairs correctly, quickly and at a very fair price.

Keep in mind that if you’ve got appliances or light fixtures that are malfunctioning, the problem might be with your electrical system. And if you’ve had any water damage, you should have someone take a look at your electrical system to make sure it is still in proper working order.

We’re here to help. Give us a call.

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We service Hampton Roads, Williamsburg, and the Northern Neck!

We’re based out of the Gloucester Courthouse area and our service extends to all three of the Virginia peninsulas. We serve the following locations:


Virginia Beach

Newport News




Gloucester Office

8157 Sheffield Dr.
Gloucester, VA 23061

Virginia Beach Office

4701 Shore Drive, Suite 103 PMB 116
Virginia Beach, VA 23455