Electricians Near Charles City, VA

Charles City’s storied history dates back over 400 years. During that time, the area has grown into a bustling metropolis that is known for its excellent service industry. Asbury Electric is happy to announce that we offer electrical contracting services to the residents of Charles City. Our experienced electricians have developed a reputation for providing stellar customer services and quality workmanship. We offer a complete lineup of residential electrical services. In addition, our team is equipped to handle commercial applications for your business, too. We perform advanced repairs and installations, along with generator sales and after-hours emergency electrical services. Our goal is to meet all of our clients’ electrical service needs. Do not cut corners by trying to perform electrical work yourself. Doing so can be dangerous and result in serious damage to your home. Contact Asbury Electric instead and let us serve you.

Generator Sales and Service

In recent years, whole-home generators have become increasingly popular. Let’s face it: No one likes being without power. Having a generator installed in your home can provide you with a reliable energy source in the event of a prolonged outage. Our experienced technicians have decades of experience in the service, installation, and repair of generators. During your consultation, one of our team members will assess your needs and help you to pick the right generator for your home. You will even have your choice between natural gas or propane-fueled generator. We install Kohler and Generac brands, so you’ll know that you are getting a product that will last. Once you have decided on a generator, we make the purchasing process easy. At Asbury Electric, we offer an 18-month zero-interest financing option. Instead of having to make a large upfront investment, you can spread out the cost of your new generator into manageable monthly payments. The good news does not stop there, as we offer affordable service plans, as well. You will have your choice of annual or bi-annual visits. During your maintenance appointments, our technician will simulate a power outage to ensure that your generator is working as intended. They can also replace spark plugs, perform a safety check, and complete any other needed maintenance. Do not wait until disaster strikes. Prepare your home today with a generator from Asbury Electric!

Electrical Installations and Upgrades in Charles City

Asbury Electric offers installation services, as well. Prior to starting your project, we will meet with you to plan the installation. We can work with you and your builder to outfit your new construction home with an electrical panel and wiring. Our teams are accustomed to working under strict deadlines and will finish our work as planned to ensure that your other contractors can stay on schedule. We can also replace old or outdated electrical systems. Older homes are often unable to consistently supply the amount of electricity required by modern appliances. Even worse, wiring that is damaged or out of code can present serious safety concerns. Electrical fires and wiring that shorts within the walls of your home should be dealt with as soon as possible. Upgrading your home’s electrical panel and wiring can eliminate these hazards and allow you to have a steady supply of power to all of your devices. While we are at it, our team can even upgrade light fixtures and wall outlets. Better lighting is a great and affordable way to improve the aesthetics of your home.


Our electricians are experienced in repairing and installing various electrical appliances. We can help you to get your new hot tub up and running by wiring the electrical connections into your home’s existing infrastructure. Our team can even help with electric water heaters and dryer plugs. These devices have high energy demands and require the proper connections to function safely and efficiently. When we say that Asbury Electric can handle jobs of any size, we mean it. Our prices can’t be beat, and our dedication to customer service is unparalleled.

24-Hour Emergency Electricians in Charles City

You rely on your electricity around the clock, which is why Asbury Electric provides 24-hour emergency electrician services. You can call us anytime, day or night, and we will be there as soon as possible. Our technician can resolve your electrical emergencies and get your home’s electrical system working as it should be. The quick resolution of any emergencies will keep your family safe from serious dangers, such as shock or an electrical fire. If you think that you may be experiencing a situation that requires emergency electrical services, contact us and we can help!

The Superior Electricians Near Me in Charles City, VA

Thanks to Asbury Electric, when you live in Charles City, VA, you can experience the very best in electrical contracting services. Whether you are faced with an electrical emergency or just want to make sure that your family is prepared for the next severe storm, we can help. Our team offers first-rate service and unbeatable pricing. Contact Asbury Electric today for a free quote on our electrical services.

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