Electrician in Hampton, VA

Asbury Electric is proud to serve the Hampton VA area in both residential and commercial settings, specializing in professional, quality work, and maximum customer satisfaction.

If you live within the Hampton, VA area, we take pride in being able to offer you a wide range of services, including electrical repairs and installations handled by licensed electricians. We put safety above all else, ensuring that our electrical work can protect our valued customers.

Our Services in Hampton

We offer a variety of services to fill different electrical needs, from installing circuit breakers to adjusting your writing for ceiling fan installation. Regardless of the specific situation, our work revolves around solving problems and meeting customer expectations. A high standard of excellence and a good reserve of licensed electricians in Hampton ensures that any problem a property owner may face can be solved quickly and efficiently.

Full-Service Repairs

Whether you live at home or run a business, electrical repairs are difficult. Doing a great job with even basic electrical work can take a lot of time and effort – and we make sure that the Hampton, VA area can be covered. Regardless of how severe the situation is, proper repairs are always available, and every technician makes it their business to give you the best results possible.

24 Hour Emergency Services

We feel that it is important for everybody in the Hampton VA 23666 area to have access to an emergency electrician if they need one, whether they need a simple fuse box replacement or full-scale generator repair to keep their home running. If you notice signs of an electrical emergency, such as excessively hot outlets, contact us, and our office staff can send you an emergency electrician on a very quick schedule.

When dealing with electrical fires, always put your safety first: before you call a business to get a professional emergency electrician, get to safety, and contact regular emergency services before any electrical services. If you can shut off your power, do so, but never use water on the fire. By the time our pro contractor leaves, you can feel reassured that your system has been made safe again.

Electrical Installation and Upgrades

While some buildings in the Hampton VA 23666 zip code are older in design, they can easily be upgraded by our amazing Hampton electricians to give you a full fresh start: electrical water heater installation, generator repair, and replacement, fuse box replacement, electrical panel wiring and so much more. If you are remodeling your home or turning old buildings into brand new rental properties, we can give you every service you need to turn even the oldest home into something modern and new.

All of our work is meant to either meet or exceed the standards that have been put forward by local Hampton building codes, and every service call handled by one of our technicians is one that should live up to the standards of any professionals. If you notice something wrong with the work we have done, communication is key – our licensed electricians have enough experience to fix even the biggest mistakes.

Generator Sales and Generator Repair

Generators can be more useful than you may think in the Hampton VA area and having to go all the way to Virginia Beach or Newport News to pick up a replacement when disaster strikes are never helpful. To save you from taking a long trip down Hampton Roads, we offer a full whole-home generator repair service.

Not only that, but our customer service team is happy to sell you a generator if needed, too. A whole-home generator can be difficult to track down, but any appointment or meeting you arrange will be one to help you get the perfect generator. It isn’t about the business – it is about getting every customer what they need.

Our Specialities

While many of our customers would recommend certain areas of our business, we specialize in a select few:

Safety – every part of our business is specially handled to be as safe for our customers as possible, whether we are using ‘all rights reserved’ techniques or fixing a single wire.

Whole-Home Generator Repair – instead of driving to a new business in Virginia Beach just to replace a generator that is dying on you, our technicians can repair it back to full strength or sell you a replacement directly.

Consistent Electrical Repairs – you might know the cost to replace an electrical panel, but our electricians can carry out almost any kind of electrical repairs to get your home back to a safe, reliable state.

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