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Rich with history, and filled with beautiful old buildings and homes, Yorktown, VA is a wonderful place to live. At Asbury Electric, we are proud to serve customers in and around the Yorktown area. We love helping residents keep their homes updated, safe, and comfortable year-round by providing the best electrical repairs and installations in the area.

At Asbury Electric, our goal is to be a trustworthy source for every type of electrical service needed in Yorktown. From repairs to generator sales, there is nothing that our licensed electricians can’t handle. Here are some of the excellent services that we offer.

Full-Service Electrical Repairs

When something is going wrong with the electrical system in your home, it is important to not wait to get it inspected and fixed. Small problems can turn into big problems over time, and something that seems minor can pose a threat to your family’s safety. We are here to take care of every electrical repair, from electrical panel wiring to fuse box replacement.

When an electrical repair is needed, there are usually subtle signs that present themselves over time. Homeowners should do an inspection of the home occasionally to watch out for some of these telltale signs. One of the first things to do is to inspect outlets or light switch covers and check for any sign of heat or charring around the area. Search for the same things around the circuit breaker. You should also watch out for appliances that frequently break, lights that flicker, and a circuit breaker that is frequently tripping. If any of these signs are present in your home, you should call us right away so that we can diagnose and fix the problem.

Electrical Installation and Upgrades

Although many of the older historical buildings in the Yorktown area are beautiful and comfortable, many of these homes have outdated electrical systems or fuse boxes. With our upgrade services at Asbury Electric, updating your property is well worth the cost to replace an electric panel. When we are done, you will have a system that is modern and supports all of your technology and equipment. Any work that we do is guaranteed to be safe and up to code.

Whether you are adding a new room to your home, or you are installing a new large appliance, you may need circuit breaker installation and other electrical installation services. We do everything from new builds to adding a simple ceiling fan to your living room. Our experienced electricians guarantee that you will never have to deal with faulty wiring again.

24 Hour Emergency Services

Electrical emergencies can be scary and dangerous. It is important to prepare for an emergency beforehand and make a plan for what you and your family will do if something happens in your home. Keeping the number of a 24-hour electrician on hand should be part of your plan. If you notice signs of a fire, your first call should be to 911, and your priority should be to get everyone to safety. If the problem appears to be electrical and you have time, shut off the power in your home. You should never use water on an electrical fire, but you may use a fire extinguisher if you can safely do so.

Your next call will be to an emergency electrician. At Asbury Electric, we provide 24-hour emergency services. We are always ready and will be there quickly to assist you and to protect anyone from receiving injuries as a result of electrical malfunction. By the time we leave, you can be completely confident that your system is safe for you and your family. Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our customers.

Generator Sales and Repair

In addition to electrical installation and repair, we also sell, install, and fix generators. With frequent storms and occasional power outages in the Yorktown area, a whole home generator to keep your home running is a good investment. At Asbury Electric, we know generators and we can help you find the right product for your home. If you are looking for a generator for sale, we sell and install major brands such as Briggs & Stratton, Generac, and Kohler.

It is important to make sure that your generator is working properly and ready for a power outage at all times. To help with this, we offer generator repair and service agreements that include a bi-yearly inspection and service appointment. During the inspection, we test the generator and check all of the components. We make sure the generator is safe and operating correctly. You can always be confident that your generator will be there when you need it.

At Asbury Electric, our goal is to go above and beyond to be there for our customers. We are with our customers during the frustration of an emergency repair and during the excitement of a new remodeling project. We know that working with an excellent and trustworthy electrical company can make all the difference in the world. Contact us today for more information.

In the dynamic and evolving community of Yorktown, VA, Asbury Electric is at the forefront of providing specialized electrical services, including EV charger installation and above ground pool electrical solutions. Embracing the future of sustainable energy, we are proficient in installations such as Tesla Wall Chargers, ensuring your transition to electric vehicles is seamless and efficient. If you’re considering an EV charger installation or require an expert electrician for your above ground pool, don’t hesitate to call us at (757) 768-7147. At Asbury Electric, we are committed to delivering superior service with straightforward pricing, catering to your modern electrical needs.

EV Charger Installation Services

As electric vehicles become more prevalent, the need for home charging solutions is growing. At Asbury Electric, we provide expert EV charger installation services, including the popular Tesla Wall Charger. Our skilled electricians are trained to install a variety of EV chargers, ensuring that your charging station is safe, efficient, and conveniently accessible.

Tesla Wall Charger Installation

Specializing in Tesla Wall Charger installations, we offer our clients the convenience of charging their Tesla vehicles at home. Our team ensures that the installation process is tailored to meet the specific electrical requirements of your residence, providing a charging solution that is both fast and reliable.

Above Ground Pool Electrical Services

In addition to EV charger installations, Asbury Electric is adept in providing electrical services for above ground pools. Proper electrical wiring and installations are crucial for the safety and functionality of your pool. Our experienced electricians ensure that all electrical components, from pumps to lighting systems, are installed and functioning correctly, adhering to the highest safety standards.

Customized Solutions for Your Home

Understanding that every home and electrical need is unique, we offer customized solutions to fit your specific requirements. Whether it’s selecting the right EV charger for your vehicle or designing an electrical system for your above ground pool, our team works closely with you to ensure that the end result meets your expectations and lifestyle.

Straightforward Pricing

At Asbury Electric, we believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. Our straightforward pricing policy ensures that you are fully informed about the costs involved in your project. We provide clear, detailed estimates, eliminating any surprises or hidden fees, so you can make informed decisions about your electrical installations.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount in all our electrical installations. We ensure that every project, be it an EV charger installation or above ground pool electrical work, complies with local codes and safety standards. Our commitment to safety means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your electrical systems are installed and functioning safely.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we ensure that our EV charger installations, including Tesla Wall Chargers, are not only efficient but also contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. We aim to provide energy solutions that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Experienced and Certified Electricians

Our team at Asbury Electric comprises experienced and certified electricians who are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools in the industry. Their expertise ensures that every installation is conducted with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Responsive and Reliable Service

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and reliability. Understanding the importance of timely and efficient service, our team strives to complete each project within the agreed timeframe, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Serving the Yorktown Community

As a local business in Yorktown, VA, Asbury Electric is deeply committed to serving the community. We understand the local requirements and preferences, enabling us to provide services that are tailored to the specific needs of residents in Yorktown.

In conclusion, Asbury Electric is your go-to expert for EV charger installations, including Tesla Wall Chargers, and above ground pool electrical services in Yorktown, VA. Our combination of skilled expertise, customized solutions, straightforward pricing, and commitment to safety and sustainability makes us the ideal choice for your modern electrical needs. Remember, for reliable and professional electrical services, just call (757) 768-7147 – we’re here to enhance the efficiency and safety of your home’s electrical systems.

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